Friday Roll Up: Woman Smokes With Bible + MN Wants To Legalize Best + Does Weed Lead To Satanism + Bong Ad In Times Square

Hilary Black
Kathryn Blume 9 Feb 2020

“The cannabis industry is not going to be successful if we don’t make room for the people who have already been working in it.”
– Hilary Black, chief advocacy officer at Canopy Growth Corp

Welcome To The Weekly Roll Up – A Compendium of The Week’s Cannabis News


Presidential Candidates and Cannabis Legalization

 New Hampshire Senate Approves Medical Cannabis Home Cultivation Bill

The Authentic American Folk Art of Glass Pipemaking – Part I

Unhidden: Talking With Matt Aaron Of Crazy Calm Coffee

Rolfer Diane Rodgers: Restoring Balance And Function With Experience

 Op-Ed: S.54 – Separating Fact from Fiction 
 S. 194 – “An act relating to standards for the sale of hemp seeds”
 Legal pot market bill moves forward despite governor’s concerns
 Key House committee advances marijuana sales bill with 20% tax
 Vermont event hosts seek clarity on cannabis policy
 The Cannabis Catch-Up: A Roadmap for Legal Weed Sales in Vermont
 Take 50% off all Sunsoil CBD products
 Is it ‘cannabis’ or ‘marijuana’? Language evolves as social, legal views shift

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