ICYMI: Friday Roll Up

Rep. Cluster Howard
Kathryn Blume 22 Dec 2019

“Other states have shown that legalizing cannabis for adult use is a win-win situation for everyone involved. It’s a major revenue generator; it frees up critical jail and prison space; it helps counteract the deadly opioid epidemic; it gives farmers a major new cash crop. The longer we wait, the more we miss out on these benefits.”
– Kentucky Rep. Cluster Howard

Welcome To The Weekly Roll Up – A Compendium of The Week’s Cannabis News


 Cannabis Industry Urges Chairman to Move Forward with SAFE Banking Act

Terpene Tuesday: Linalool 

 8 Tips For Talking To Your Legislator
 Center On Rural Innovation Launches Rural Opportunity Map
 CBD-Vermont owner arrested for failing to pay farmers
 Man charged for for not paying hemp farmers
 CBD store owner accused of scamming hemp farmers pleads not guilty
 House speaker said a bill to legalize sales has enough support to pass in 2020
 John Klar: A conservative approach to cannabis sales

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