Cannaster Supply Company: Sustainable and Affordable Packaging For the Future

Cindy Kleh 22 Oct 2019

Editor’s Note: This spotlight was written as part of a paid business partnership.

Packaging is not only vital to startup companies’ branding efforts, it can signal new directions in established brands already on the shelves. Cannabis consumers are becoming better educated in reading labels and asking questions. Most are reaching for the purest and most sustainable products available, and they are becoming more discerning in their packaging choice and the ways it can interact with their favorite cannabis form. 

“Poor quality or poorly cleaned recycled materials can lead to contaminant issues with glass and plastic,” explained Eric Koehler, Founder and CEO of New Jersey-based Cannaster Supply Company, a distributor of only ISO 9001-certified, sustainable packaging, and Heady Vermont’s exclusive Packaging Partner – as well as the Packaging Sponsor for The Headies.

“Our suppliers thoroughly inspect our products at each step of the manufacturing process for quality and safety, and they are hand-checked again by CannSupCo’s staff. We frequently drop by our manufacturer’s facilities just to be sure they are adhering to our standards. I even visit the companies overseas at least once a year.”

The concept of CannSupCo was researched in 2017 by Koehler with a business model for becoming a valued source for biodegradable and new-style packaging. With a background in manufacturing and packaging and 10 years of experience sourcing overseas, he dove into the new, untapped cannabis industry being created by the growing legalization movement across the U.S. with cannabis-specific, environmentally sustainable packaging.

Packaging – The First Thing Consumers See 

Companies who have created a distinctive logo and are actively seeking brand recognition realize that packaging can be a huge part of a consumer’s decision on which brand to buy.

A product with Natural Kraft paper might catch their eye because of its earth tone and eco-friendly look. A closer look assures them that the packaging is made from sustainable resources (trees) and is chlorine-free and compostable, with a food-grade wax liner that is safe for keeping food, cosmetics, and/or cannabis products as fresh as the day they were packaged with no chemical leaching. 

“Poor quality or poorly cleaned recycled materials can lead to contaminant issues with glass and plastic.”

CannSupCo can assist with custom orders that place your logo and information front and center, bringing your brand to the next level. Frequently a label is the first impression a consumer has of a product, and it can have an enormous impact on sales. 

From vape cartridges to glass jars and lids to graduated glass droppers, CannSupCo ensures that each of their products are safe, kind to the earth, and affordable in bulk supply. They encourage their clients to sample any type of packaging before they buy so they can experiment with its effectiveness and be sure it is exactly what they are looking for. Same-day shipping is free for orders over $250 and the staff at CannSupCo is ready to help with phone consultations and suggestions.

“If I can’t help you get your product on the shelf, I’m not doing my job!” claimed Koehler. “Our goal is to end the stigma attached to cannabis-based products so that they are treated like alcohol or any other ‘sin item.’ But in the meantime (while we wait for government to continue legalizing cannabis and consumers to view it as an accepted, safe, and legitimate health supplement), our packaging is smell-proof, so it doesn’t raise flags and it keeps in freshness.” 

“If I can’t help you get your product on the shelf, I’m not doing my job!”

CannSupCo also has a large selection of Boveda humidity-control products that last up to a year keeping the product in the humidity range of 58 to 62%. “The membrane absorbs or puts out humidity using a salt/saline solution that has none of the contaminants or toxic additives found in silica packets,” added Koehler.  

Well-Designed Packaging for a Cleaner Planet

“We are here to ensure quality and consistency by creating strong partnerships with our clients all over the country. We’re a smaller company, and for now, we’re not obsessed with fast growth. This is a brand-new industry with insufficient testing and research done. Regulations based on science discourage black market operations, so we are waiting to see more test results and regulations.”

CannSupCo packaging products are designed for legal cannabis-related businesses, but they are open to assisting other industries, such as food and cosmetics.

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