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Kathryn Blume 20 Oct 2019

“We’ve got a shocking gap between persons incarcerated in our system along racial lines, and it’s almost entirely due to low-end marijuana offenses. Putting aside all of the other factors that come into the cannabis discussion, the social justice, at least in New Jersey, screams out at us and it’s why we’ve come to the table with such passion.” – NJ Gov. Phil Murphy

Welcome To The Weekly Roll Up – A Compendium of The Week’s Cannabis News


Possible Green Solutions in Plastic Cannabis Packaging

Second Annual Veteran’s Day Cannabis Giveaway

Business Community Q&A About S.54

 Recipe: Cannabis Cooking Oil

 Project CBD Sunday: Cannabinoids For Scleroderma

 Harvest Cannabis Networking Event
 State Highway Fatalities At Historic Low
 NECANN VT May 30-31, 2020
 Some hemp farmers banking on a ‘pot of gold’ harvest ‘disappointing learning experience’

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 Hypocrisy, Prevarication, and Outright Lies


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 Presidential Campaign


 Social Justice

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