ICYMI: Friday Roll Up

Photo courtesy of Amanda Reiman
Kathryn Blume 9 Jun 2019

[Cannabis is] an industry that requires empathy, compassion and a sophisticated view of humanity. This might not be true for every sector of the industry, but it is true for the pillars that are holding it up and sustaining it. – Amanda Reiman – VP of Community Relations for Flow Kana

Welcome To The Weekly Roll Up – A Compendium of The Week’s Cannabis News


Summer Farm Jam And Cannabis Guide Launch At Bordertown Farm

VTCNA Health Tips: Sleeping With CBN

Scott signs letter asking feds not to meddle in state cannabis laws

New expungement law expands list of offenses that can be scrubbed

Since Legalization, Vermonters Have Been Fined for Public Use

Farm and Wilderness Permaculture Design Certification

Regenerative Cannabis Certificate Course

Blockchain firm launches cannabis supply chain platform

State and feds seek to finalize Vermont hemp regulations





 New Jersey

 New York














Hypocrisy, Prevarication, and Outright Lies







 Presidential Campaign

Real Estate 


 Social Justice



























 New Mexico

 North Carolina

 North Dakota





 Rhode Island

 South Carolina 

 South Dakota

 South Dakota First Nations 






 Washington, D.C.



 Africa, Continent Of









 South Africa 



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