Gifting Cannabis With The VTCNA

Kathryn Blume 18 Apr 2019

The Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association has started up a new cannabis gifting program and they’re looking for growers to donate cannabis plants to medical patients, and patients who need cannabis and want to grow plants.

“There’s a huge gap,” says VTCNA founder Jessilyn Dolan. “We have lots of folks out there who need medical cannabis, and want to grow. And,” she adds, “there are also a lot of people out there who have more plants than they really need. So, we thought we’d bring everyone together.”

While the project is open to anyone who wants to participate, the VTCNA does have a few requests for potential donors:

  • Only donate identifiable and determined genetics – i.e. you need to know what the strain is. It canā€™t be something you found growing by the side of the road or some random seed someone handed you in a bar.
  • The plants should be grown in soil, not hydroponic.
  • The plants should be In a 3-4ā€ container and potted up in soil, not a clone cube dangling free.
  • The plants should be as organic as possible and free of disease, mold, or pests. Be rigorous about this because these are patients whose health is already fragile.

The VTCNA will be taking the first round of plants mid-May and then looking for another batch mid-June so folks can put them right outside. Transport and transfer will be worked out as people sign on.

Interested growers can email Jessilyn at [email protected]. Interested patients can email her project collaborator Susan Trombley at [email protected].

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