Pepper Lee CBD: Awesomeness In A Jar, Handmade With Love

Cindy Kleh 26 Mar 2019

Products infused with cannabidiol (commonly known as CBD) – are becoming more visible now that US consumers can purchase them legally. CBD is one of a vast number of chemical compounds – known as cannabinoids – found in the cannabis plant, and it could be great news for people struggling with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, MS, epilepsy and other medical issues. The human body naturally produces cannabinoids (known as endocannabinoids), and so our endocannabinoid system responds well to plant-based cannabinoids like CBD.

Allyson Sprinkel

Allyson Sprinkel, founder and CEO of Pepper Lee CBD, believes that there is a difference between CBD products made in large factories and ones made lovingly by hand in small batches.

She describes her methods as “ancient techniques” that incorporate plant knowledge, moon cycles, stars, female intuition, and even singing to create Nature’s best possible body, bath, hair and skin-care products.

Allyson is a Licensed Hemp Processor in the state of Vermont, and she prepares her potions by means of enfleurage infusion – allowing time for the benefits of certain plants to absorb into oils.

Allyson uses Northeast Kingdom Hemp’s full-spectrum-CBD flowers, and infuses them with other beneficial botanicals in a coconut-oil base.

She took the two-hour drive upstate to visit NEK Hemp and she was impressed with their sustainable attitude and mindfulness in every step of the growing process.

Allyson prefers coconut oil because it’s easy to blend into topical mixtures, it has many known health benefits, and is solid at room temperature while melting at skin temperature. “I use it as a base, and build my product out from there depending on what research I’ve done and what I know about which oils work best with which body parts and medicinal uses. I use many other oils, like argan, hemp, olive, flax and sunflower. I’ve been playing around with mango butter and avocado oil – experimenting to see if I can come up with new, more effective products to match my clients’ needs.”

“I have a meticulous approach to the creation of my inventory,” she explained. “My recipes are simple and consistent. My herbs and plant matter are all legally tested and sustainably grown in Vermont by Vermonters. My carrier oils are organic and cold-pressed.”

Pepper Lee CBD’s best advertisements come from the people who rave about her products. Testimonials range from a retired arthritis sufferer to the aches and pains of a professional boxer and a bartender. All found relief from her best-seller, CBD Muscle Rub.

Clients also rave about controlling acne with her facial products as well as her CBD hair-care products, bath bomb soak, and massage oil. “I develop products that I love to use. I’m not the girliest girl, but I do love baths!” She goes very lightly on the fragrances in all of her products, allowing customers the liberty of mixing in essential oils of their choice. Allyson is constantly experimenting, and the results are usually new products, like polish body bars, a fair-trade organic coffee scrub and a coconut sugar lip scrub.

How did she come up with the name Pepper Lee? Two things: her dog’s name is Pepper; and Lee is a family name. The name Lee was also appealing to her because it means “healing” in Gaelic.

Allyson realizes that she couldn’t have built her loyal following without the love and support of her family, her partner, Lucas, and the warm local community. She strengthens the relationships with her clients by offering to deliver her products directly in the Burlington/Chittenden county area. This allows her to meet her customers first-hand and explain the benefits of certain formulas.

“I’m becoming the Avon Lady of CBD! They can just order online and I deliver same day usually. Delivery is becoming my main way of connecting to my patrons and people are loving it! I think it sets me apart from some of the bigger producers and helps me get to know who is buying from me. I like having a conversation with the people about their plans for use and what I’ve found to work. I deliver any size order. It’s available as an option on my website.” 

Pepper Lee CBD products can be found at Sukha Yoga, 230 College Street in Burlington; Studio SxB, 25 Winooski Falls Way, Winooski; Ash & Gold Salon, 35 W. Allen Street, Winooski; and online at

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