ICYMI: Friday Roll Up

Kathryn Blume 17 Mar 2019

All people have the right to thrive and we cannot thrive without access to the skills to improve our lives, which includes the skillful use and cultivation of plant medicine.”
– Madrone Stewart, Feminist Weed Farmer: Growing Mindful Medicine in Your Own Backyard

Welcome To The Weekly Roll Up
A Compendium of The Week’s Cannabis News


Heady LIVE With Billy Greer

Vermont Lawmakers Consider Allowing Commercial Cannabis Sales

Vermont Bill To Legalize Marijuana Sales Approved By Key Committee

Heady Member Ski Day At Smugglers’ Notch





 New Hampshire

 New Jersey

 New York















 Presidential Campaign

  • Beto O’Rourke Is Running for President
  • Candidates Back Marijuana Justice Act
  • Sen. Kamala Harris tweeted, “Countless Americans have felt the devastating ramifications of the War on Drugs — millions still remain incarcerated to this day. This is a matter of public health, drug addiction, and economic security.”
  • Sen. Cory Booker tweeted, “It’s not enough to legalize cannabis—we must also reinvest in areas that have been most harmed by the failed drug war which have been disproportionately communities of color and low-income.”
  • Rep. John Delaney said, “I’m in favor of that, which would basically get cannabis out of the shadows, and get it into a market where it could be regulated.”
  • Mayor Pete Buttigieg spoke about white privilege in the context of being caught with cannabis while at Harvard
  • HUD Sec. Julian Castro supports legalization
  • Gov. Jay Inslee is defending his renomination of a member of the state’s cannabis regulatory body in the face of criticism that he has contributed to a “toxic culture” in cannabis enforcement.
  • Rep. Tulsi Gabbard tweeted, “60% of voters support cannabis legalization—great to see Florida coming around! We just introduced a bill to end federal #cannabis prohibition because American citizens should not be made into criminals for choosing to smoke cannabis.”
  • Sen. Michael Bennet discussed legalization in New Hampshire.





 Social Justice

 Social Media
































 New Mexico

 North Carolina





 South Carolina

 South Dakota




 Washington, D.C.

 West Virginia









 New Zealand



 South Korea





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