Homemade CBD Helps Heal People and Pups

Grant Taylor 28 Feb 2019

How does an on-the-job injury lead to a thriving business on the main drag in Stowe?

Erik St. Croix, owner of the CBD store Elevated State, was injured while at work on a construction project when a piece of plywood fell on the back of his head. This caused a musculoskeletal injury which brought intense pain during the ensuing months of the healing process. Doctors prescribed Cyclobenzaprine, Gabapentin, Naproxen, and other pharmaceuticals, which didn’t help. They also offered opioids to mitigate the pain, which St. Croix swiftly declined.

Then, a friend of St. Croix’s gave him a CBD tincture to try for the pain. The CBD worked wonders in comparison to the pharmaceuticals, and St. Croix shifted from a CBD skeptic into a believer. “I am a CBD convert. I was mistaken, and thought that CBD was for people who don’t use THC, but they both have their own uses and place, and work great together!”

Already an accomplished farmer, St. Croix started growing hemp plants and making his own CBD products. Soon, a friend’s daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer, and St. Croix offered his CBD products to help with her pain. It worked so well that she ended up getting on a medicinal cannabis program. He kept helping other people, too – friends and family who were struggling with pain issues. Then, his dog Tasha blew out her knee.

The vets prescribed an anti-inflammatory called Rimadyl. St. Croix had reservations about using the pharmaceutical, and started using CBD on Tasha for the pain. The dog responded very well to the CBD, and the vet even commented on the enhanced bone growth and healing. Now St. Croix recommends CBD products for pain and healing – for people and puppies!

St. Croix continued to make CBD products, all from hemp he grows right here in Vermont, and saw demand continue to grow as increasing numbers of people found it beneficial when dealing with pain, and preferential to pharmaceuticals.

It ultimately became obvious that he needed a physical location where people could come buy his CBD products. “Everyday I still get surprised about how much CBD is helping people!”

While all this was going on, St. Croix became acquainted with Heady Vermont. He attended a few events, and eventually shared the vision for his business to Heady Vermont and judges at a pitch competition, hoping to win $10,000. St. Croix didn’t win, but that didn’t stop him from continuing his mission – and working with Heady Vermont.

Last August, St. Croix opened Elevated State on Main Street in Stowe, to address delivery and access issues for folks in need of CBD products. He grows all his own hemp for everything he sells (excluding isolates), which include oils, edibles, salves, tinctures, and more. Elevated State has an extensive product line and they promise to have a full brochure available in early 2019.

Having initially gotten involved with Heady Vermont at the Statehouse, St. Croix has continued to follow the legislative battles in Montpelier around CBD products, the hemp industry, and a taxed and regulated cannabis market. He says the future of Elevated State depends on what happens around cannabis legislation in Vermont. Seeing legalized sales of THC products potentially happening as early as January 2020, 11 months from now, is very important right now for him and his business.

St. Croix recently attended Heady Vermont’s Cannabis In The Capitol event. A major issue of the day was a proposed rule attached to the Tax and Regulate bill that would give current medical dispensaries a monopoly, and first opportunities to sell THC products. St. Croix sees major issues with this idea, and will be advocating for a healthy and accessible market here in Vermont.

At the same time, St. Croix will be in his store at 407 Mountain Road, in Stowe. Elevated State is open 7 days a week, from 10-6 most days and 11-5 on Sunday and Tuesday. Heady Vermont members get a 10% discount – and St. Croix says says that when you go there and hang out with him and/or Tasha for a bit, the discount is likely to compound! He also says that an alien robot will soon be visiting the store while on its travels around the universe. Customers can expect R2CBD2 at the front door to welcome them to Elevated State!

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