VTCNA Health Tips: Heady Valentines

Jessilyn Dolan 11 Feb 2019

This Thursday is one of Hallmark’s biggest holidays, with stories passed down for hundreds of years telling the tale of the third century Roman martyr known as Saint Valentine. So, here’s your Cannabis Stoner Reminder for anyone out there that needs it: Thursday is Valentine’s Day.

A recent hot and enticing topic (pun intended) in the cannabis community has been cannabis and sex. SO, for your pre-Valentine’s game, let’s take a quick look at this. Cannabis sure appears sexy as hell, but what does it do to – or for – your sex life?

Historically, cannabis is an old hand in the bedroom:

  • Indian tantric sex practitioners included cannabis in love making as early as 700 AD.
  • Medieval herbalists used to create a hempseed oil-based “flying ointment,” administered vaginally with “broomsticks.”
  • An ancient Russian wedding tradition has brides using a mix of cannabis and lamb’s fat for vaginal lubrication and discomfort.
  • Serbian men consider hemp seed to be such a powerful aphrodisiac that they believe even wearing hemp can enhance their sexual prowess.
  • Polish anthropologist Sula Benet reported on an Eastern European recipe called Happy Porridge, comprised of almond butter mixed with hashish, dried rose leaves, daisy root, carnation petals, crocus bulb, nutmeg, cardamom, honey and sugar. This was a luxury cannabis product in its day, and was consumed by men who thought it “the strongest aphrodisiac.”
  • Scandinavian archaeologist Anne Stine Ingstad has noted that the Norse goddess Freya was associated with cannabis – as were her priestesses.
  • In Uganda, cannabis has long been used as a remedy for erectile dysfunction.

More recently, Psychology Today reviewed three of the largest studies to date on cannabis and sex, and generally concluded that around ⅔ of cannabis consumers found that cannabis enhances sex, and that frequent cannabis consumers have sex more often.

Forbes mentions several research studies which highlight positive feedback from cannabis consumers, noting that small quantities of cannabis prior to sex increases libido, endorphins, and vaginal lubrication.

Even CNN has jumped into bed with this idea and is reporting about enhanced sexual pleasure with THC and CBD in the bedroom.

So, how can you use cannabis with your valentine this year?

For someone with PTSD, THC can help to keep one’s mind on the task at hand and in the moment during intimate encounters.

International CBD company Foria boasts a lube designed for women which is infused with cannabis oil and coconut oil. When it was released, GQ named it, “Sex Product of the Year.” Though, honestly, if you don’t have access to Foria’s lube, you can infuse your own coconut oil with cannabis, and it will work Just Fine.  

Royal Queen Seeds does offer some sage advice and encourages you to always think of sexual health and safety first. They recommend not smoking too much cannabis, noting that some cannabis consumers have the side effect of drier mucous membranes. Naturally, it’s important to keep water or another good source or hydration (not alcohol) at hand.

They go on to recommend half a dozen different chemovars:

  • Kali Dog or Chemdawg, to help with relaxation
  • Shining Silver Haze for confidence and playfulness
  • Sour Diesel for energy and lust
  • And Skunk 1 to boost libido, but be careful with the dry mouth side effect

Lastly, they write that to encourage – and maybe even physically support – a more freaky and different kind of encounter, try Blue Cheese. I will let you read more up on that one yourself.

Andrew Mieure from Leafly brings up using specific terpenes for specific desires, so more of the citrus for visual stimuli and alertness, and linalool and some nutty terpennes for relaxation.

The general consensus among all the research and articles we’ve looked at has been to consume cannabis in low-to-moderate amounts for best sexual performance. Nobody wants to be the Valentine’s date who passes out before the lights go out. As The Guardian reports, Dr. Jordan Tishler of the Association of Cannabis Specialists, warns of overindulgence, which can lead to poor performance, or for men, “stoner boner.”

Post-sex, CBD or a 1:1 blend can be helpful for both recovery and recharge!

Ultimately, just like most cannabis medicine, Sexy Times require a very individualized approach and may involve some exploring and experimenting to find the right medicine for you. But what could be more fun and exciting than testing out some cannabis and love-making?

So, for this Valentines Day, maybe it’s gifting a bouquet of freshly grown cannabis flowers, a new cannabis lube, or consuming a bit less cannabis. No matter what you do, know that we’re sending some love your way – today and every day – from the Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association!

Jessilyn Dolan, RN, CMT, CLD, ADS is a nurse researcher and educator and founder of The Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association.

She’s a Cannabis Nurse Educator and co-owns HomeGrown Consulting for cannabis cultivation and medication consultations. Jessilyn is a proud Clean Green Certified organic H.E.M.P.  (Horticultural Excellence Medicinal Perfection) farmer.

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