New: Heady Vermont Member Insider Update

Heady Vermont Staff 5 Feb 2019

Given all the intense activity around various forms of cannabis-related legislation, and an ever-shifting federal, regional, and state landscape, Heady Vermont has teamed up with Greenbridge Consulting to offer our Insider Update, a weekly video and newsletter available exclusively to Heady Vermont members and business partners.

We’ll be covering hemp, CBD, medical cannabis, tax and regulate, the state’s cannabis oversight commission, rules-making, banking and insurance challenges, and controversy around various related issues like roadside testing. We’ll also include links to videos of committee meetings and testimony-gathering.

The newsletter will also include action items like showing up at our second annual Cannabis in the Capitol event on Wednesday, February 13, as well as detailed information about which regulators to contact regarding your particular areas of interest.

The Insider Update is only available to Heady Vermont members and business partners. If you’d like to sign up, visit the member section of the website, and as always, feel free to contact us with any and all questions.

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