What Happens When I get High?

Heady Vermont Staff 2 Feb 2019

What will I feel when I’m high?

It really depends on the strain and the individual, but you can expect to feel all or some of the following: uplifted, euphoric, giggly, hungry, sleepy, relaxed, calm, and/or creative. You may also notice pain relief. Additionally, we always recommend that people smoke or ingest weed in a safe space with people they’re comfortable with, as some adverse effects can include paranoia and anxiety.

What should I do if I get ‘too’ high?

Don’t worry — this happens to even the most seasoned stoners. Taking CBD has shown to be effective in reversing the adverse effects of THC, but if you don’t have any CBD readily available, the most important thing to do is to get as comfortable as possible. Take deep, slow breaths and reduce any stimuli (turn down/off music, TV volume, etc.), or look for a quiet space with privacy if you’re not at home. Being in crowded settings can induce more anxiety, so try to remove yourself from hectic situations. Unfortunately, the only thing you can really do is ride it out or sleep it off.

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