Vermont Hemp Fest 2018: Insurance and Legal Best Practices for Hemp Businesses

Heady Vermont Staff 5 Jan 2019

Check out this video from Hemp Fest 2018 from the panel Insurance and Legal Best Practices for Hemp Businesses featuring Jeff Mongeon of Winooski Insurance and Andrew Subin, Esq. of Vermont Cannabis Solutions.

The 2018 Vermont Hemp Fest was the second annual hemp fest organized by Heady Vermont hosted by Burke Mountain on September 8-9, 2018, and featured over 50 vendor booths ranging from hemp farmers to insurance agents to CBD product-makers to Hempcrete architects who shared their experience, conversation, food, drinks, and live music with over 700 enthusiastic attendees.

Vermont Hemp Fest featured over 12 hours of educational, interactive panel presentations and discussions, all of which were documented and are presented free to the public thanks to the generosity of the event sponsors, and our commitment to prioritizing community over profit.

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