Partner Spotlight: Emeraldrose Grows

Grant Taylor 10 Dec 2018

Growing up in New York City, Greg Newman had no idea what path his future held. Once an adult, using his motivation and personal insight, Newman wound up in the Western US working on multiple organic farms. While learning the techniques and methods that lead to industry success in organic plant cultivation, Newman and his wife Jennifer spent 10 years traveling the country with the Grateful Dead. Next, they travelled the world, meeting unique individuals and discovering local items and works of art.

Greg and Jennifer Newman

They made their way around Asia, traveling overnight through the desert and throughout India, visiting a Shiva Shrine 10,000 feet up in the Himalayas, surfing in Bali, and floating down the Mekong River in Laos. Inspired by the beauty and meaning found within the cultures they encountered, they decided to bring it all home to Vermont, settling on Bristol “because it’s like a perfect Norman Rockwell town…on acid…the more you look at it the cooler it becomes.”

Emeraldrose Gifts

Fifteen years ago, they opened Jennifer’s store, Emeraldrose Gifts, on Main Street in Bristol. A place for them to share those wonderful stories and cultures with the people of Vermont, they’re stocked with imported jewelry, gifts, clothing, ethnic imports, items to celebrate the Dharma, Buddha statues, pipes, and a full line of CBD products as well. In an act of retail companionship, Newman recently opened up Emeraldrose Grows (ERG), directly across the street from Emeraldrose Gifts.

With over 20 years in organic farming and independent business experience, Newman has seen the ebb and flow of the industry while learning the keys to success. From his adventures out West, experience at the gift shop, and growing organic plants here in Vermont, he’s gained knowledge and wisdom, which he’s more than ready to share with his customers to help them achieve the highest standards in organic plant growth.

Whether growing hemp for your head or a single cannabis plant for you soul, ERG will help you with what you need to know”
– Greg Newman, ERG

ERG provides consultation, information, directions, ideas, and anything else growers of all experience levels need to create their desired results. Products on offer in the store include Black Dirt Farm worm castings, Vermont Compost soils, Malibu biodynamic organic compost, a full line of Nectar for the Gods nutrients, and Down to Earth dry amendments – all of which are particularly well suited to help growers take advantage of the new legal cannabis market in Vermont. While ERG carries some hydroponic nutrient supplements at ERG, the main focus will be on organic growth. In Spring of 2019, they will also have hemp seeds, hemp starts, and will meet or beat any price on bulbs.

In the long run, Newman wants to see a tax and regulate system for a healthy, prolific, organic cannabis industry in Vermont, and keep the political focus on the fact that this industry is decades old, and ensure that as we implement a legal cannabis market in Vermont, we keep it connected to Vermont culture and don’t forget the people have dedicated their lives to this cause so others could find peace. Newman particularly doesn’t want to see Vermont culture “co-opted into a commercialized madhouse.”

Emeraldrose Grows is offering Heady Vermont members a 10% discount on purchases $50 or more. The store, at 11 Main Street in Bristol, is open 11-5 Tue-Sat, and by appointment anytime. They’re also on Facebook, at the Friendly Gathering, and at the next Jeezum Crow festival!

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