Unhidden: Trip To Canada

Heady Vermont Staff 17 Nov 2018

We’re excited to announce the launch of Unhidden: A Curious Cannabis Podcast. As the global wave of cannabis legalization gains momentum, and transforms the lives of enthusiasts, explorers, healers, and entrepreneurs – not to mention veterans, pets, and CBD-loving Grandmothers – host (and HVT staffer) Kathryn Blume will explore the search for success, health, pleasure, and justice in an increasingly green – and slightly sticky – world.

“For the last two years, Heady Vermont has worked to foster positive dialogue about all things cannabis,” says Blume. “We’ve been educating both lawmakers and the public about the need for full legalization, and dismantling decades of fear and misinformation about this ancient, and extremely beneficial plant. Now,” she says, “as legalization is gaining momentum both in the United States and around the world, cannabis, and cannabis users, are literally coming out of the closet. We have an incredible opportunity to do a deeper dive into all the ways cannabis is affecting the culture, transforming the economy, and changing the lives of people everywhere.”

In the inaugural episode of Unhidden, Canada makes history on October 17, 2018 as the largest country in the world (shout out to Uruguay) to legalize cannabis for all adults, and the Heady Vermont team travels two hours north from our headyquarters in Burlington, Vermont to Montreal, Quebec to check out the scene.

We speak with Canadian citizens of all ages about what legalization meant to them, visit Montreal’s downtown dispensary location — or at least the huge line surrounding it — and capture the historic atmosphere in Quebec’s largest city.

Our December episode will feature clips from participants in the Story Booth we’ll have at the holiday edition of the the CBD Hemp Farmers Market on Saturday, December 8 at Contois Auditorium in Burlington. Come share your tales of joy, healing, and extreme cannabis escapades!

You can subscribe to Unhidden on iTunes and listen on SoundCloud. Read the full press release here.

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