ICYMI: Friday News Roll Up

Heady Vermont Staff 7 Oct 2018


Heady Vermont Reader Survey
Weed 101: What’s Legal In Vermont And What’s Not
Business Spotlight: Good Stuff Expands And Grows
The Elevated Agriculturalist: Harvest How-To

Op Ed: Vermont Should Embrace The Gifting Economy

Candid Candidates: Marijuana Regulation

The Cannabis Catch-Up: Growers Report Several Weed and Hemp Thefts

Heady LIVE – CBD and Pregnancy at the B. Love Family Festival





 New Jersey

 New York


SEC says Musk chose $420 price for Tesla shares because it’s a pot reference


New Game Has You Grow and Sell Weed


Willie Nelson Tells Stephen Colbert Who He’d Smoke It Up With
You Can Smoke Weed Out Of This Cursed Furby Bong
Weed In Space Is Going To Be A Thing Now







Searching for Cannabis Unicorns at the Phenotype Mega Hunt



Farmers trading crops in for MMJ facilities




Legal Gun Purchase Stifled For Medical Pot User







 North Dakota




 Rhode Island 














 South Africa


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