Weed 101: What’s Legal in Vermont And What’s Not

Heady Vermont Staff 2 Oct 2018

We’re a few months into the gradual reversal of cannabis prohibition in Vermont, and we’re still getting questions about the basics of what we can and cannot do with this fabulous plant. So, allow us to clear the air (or not) about the dos and don’ts of cannabis in Vermont…

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Is recreational/adult-use cannabis legally for sale in Vermont?

This is the #1 question of the day, and alas, NO, it is not. In Vermont, it’s legal to possess, grow and consume cannabis, but not buy or sell it.

Also, no getting tricky with over-priced t-shirts that happen to come with a complimentary bag of weed. The attorney general recently released a statement regarding delivery services that have cropped up since July 1, stating that cannabis may not accompany other products or services as a “gift” item.

Well, that sucks. May I grow it?

Yes, you certainly may! In Vermont, you’re allowed to grow unlimited amounts of flower on a limited number of plants per household (two mature and four immature max at any given time). And there are also some caveats:

  • If you’re growing outdoors, it needs to be in a secure enclosure.
  • If you rent, make sure you have your landlord’s consent.
  • Very unfortunately (and unfairly), if you live in subsidized housing you’re barred from growing at all. NOTE: You are not necessarily banned from consuming it, but be cautious of odor in shared spaces. Potentially, this could even apply to common areas on properties with condo and townhouse owners. Depends on how cool your housing association is, we guess.
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What if I want to give a nug of my sweet outdoor Lemon Diesel to a friend?

You’re an awesome friend! And, fortunately, you may share up to one ounce at a time with anyone over the age of 21 in Vermont.

But…I’m 18.

Sorry, the legal age for consumption of cannabis in Vermont is 21, and not a day younger. Studies have also shown that heavy cannabis consumption can affect development in adolescent brains, so there’s decent reasoning behind this. Protect your growing brain. You’ve only got one, and it only develops once.

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What if I want to smoke a fat J of my Lemon Diesel while I drive on over to my friend’s house down the road?

Not recommended. Driving and cannabis consumption (whether you’re over 21 or not) are illegal in Vermont. It’s also a wise rule: It’s never a good idea to pilot 2 tons of steel while you’re impaired – on anything. Physics will not be your friend. You may transport up to one ounce per adult at a time, and it must be in a locked container or glove compartment.

What if all my friends and I want to walk down the middle of Church Street while smoking a three-foot joint?

Nope! Just like cigarettes, smoking in public places isn’t legal. Of course, nobody knows what you’re eating…

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All in all, what you can and cannot do with weed is similar to what you can and cannot do with cigarettes and alcohol.

Basically, we believe that while we’re still in the early days of post-prohibition, and normalizing the use of cannabis, anyone who uses is basically a deputized Cannabis Ambassador, and it’s best to be polite, conscious of our surroundings, and not act like a stupid pothead.

Cannabis is beautiful, magical, life-saving, and extremely fun, and treating it – and each other – with respect will serve everyone – and the plant itself – in the long run.

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