Sponsor Spotlight: ICON Processors

Rob Williams 29 Aug 2018

“We are here to put the “Farm” into “Pharma,” explains ICON’s Dr. Fabio Rodi. “How do we do this? We offer a high grade CBD extract, while being able to maintain a high volume output for value-added CBD products. Our post-processing of goods is done in a sterile cleanroom environment.”

ICON is a company interested in making Vermont’s hemp community aware of their presence, as well as helping to inform the Vermont community about extraction qualities, CBD and post processing goods. ICON also offers networking and consulting opportunities, celebrating the emerging economic benefits a legal hemp economy is beginning to offer Vermonters.

Biggest challenges, which can be converted to opportunities with concerted effort? According to ICON, Vermont would benefit from providing more education for Vermont farmers and communities around hemp opportunities: correct genetics, rules and regulations, and lab testing, for example. Additionally, Vermont farmers’ expected cost for hemp currently varies widely across the board here in the Green Mountains, not even close to national average, according to ICON. Finally, Vermont could use more processing and post-processing of white labeled CBD goods.


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