Heady LIVE – Vermont’s Medical Marijuana Program

Eli Harrington 28 Aug 2018

Join host Eli Harrington LIVE on the Heady Vermont Facebook page where we interview change-makers and catalysts in the northeastern cannabis community.

This week’s episode is about the Vermont Medical Marijuana program and features Chris Walsh, GM of Grassroots Organics Vermont – a medical marijuana dispensary; Jessilyn Dolan, R.N., a founder of Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association and Homegrown Consultants, and Francis Janik of Vermont Home Grown and My Kind of Jamaica, a registered patient, caregiver and advocate, as well as Kevin Driscoll, a registered patient, caregiver, and advocate in Vermont and former Maine medical marijuana industry employee.

Our guests each discuss the status of the Vermont Medical Marijuana program and how tax-and-regulate legal updates might impact medical marijuana users.

We’ll also invite our guest to join us for the latest edition of our smash hit new segment, “Smoke Your Weed.” Episode produced by Shawncimonetti.com and hosted at the Jam Creative Studios in Burlington, Vermont.

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