Rob Williams 8 Aug 2018

Marijuana saved my life. I was on morphine every day and was losing weight. A friend offered for me to try some cannabis to help with my appetite and to gain weight back. I quickly found it helped with the pain and I was able to get off my pills. After I understood how beneficial this plant was, I made it my mission to educate myself and to help anyone who might benefit from it like I did. I turned that passion into a career to normalize and liberalize the cannabis plant.” – Kevin Driscoll

Kevin Driscoll is thrilled to have joined Heady Vermont as their outreach and accounts manager, providing positive client experiences, growing the member and partner programs, and making sure everything behind the scenes is running smoothly.

Kevin is a Vermont native and grew up in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom (NEK). After a spinal fusion, he was introduced to cannabis to help with improving his appetite and providing pain relief. After becoming a medical patient, it became his goal to help others who needed medical relief that cannabis can provide.

While working in the retail and hospitality environments, Kevin started consulting to help potential patients navigate the state bureaucracy of obtaining a card, and to provide education about the plant. He quickly made a name for himself and was offered a cannabis job in Maine that would start as soon as he could move there. While in Maine, Kevin worked and consulted for both caregivers and dispensaries. His focus was on patient education, edible making, and kitchen design, but he did everything from trimming to extraction, packing to delivery. Like the proverbial sponge, Kevin tried to absorb as much of the industry as he could while in Maine. His goal was always to come back home to Vermont and jumped on the opportunity to be back and work for Heady Vermont, a company he believes strongly in.

Outside of cannabis, Kevin is the proud dog-dad of a 1.5 year old Golden Retriever named Willoughby and quite the pinball fan. He has just bought his first machine and is thinking about a second already! A social butterfly, he’ll be the guy trying to start a conversation with you at a party.




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