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Root Rot
Kathryn Blume 7 Aug 2018

A couple weeks ago, we asked our FB followers to post any questions they had so far from this year’s growing season. Our plan was to turn the questions over to a suite of growing experts who could provide some answers. But, the experts just popped up and offered solutions right there on the spot!

And so, here are a few curated queries from the curious cannabis community…

Q: What is the best option to deal w/ spider mites? I’m in the early flower stages and I need a fast solution!!!

Spider Mites
Spider Mite damage

A1: Shot glass of hydrogen peroxide to a gallon of warm water, spray your plants down and wipe the affected areas every day until you don’t see them anymore. Should take about a week or less to eradicate the spider mites. You can also use this mixture to help get rid of mold, fungus gnats, root rot and Thrips – which look like this:

A Thrip

And cause this:

Thrip Trauma

A2: Lady Bugs. Munch munch all gone.

A3: All you need is Trifecta.


Another question-asker posted this lovely photo:

Nice shirt!

Q: When is she going to start budding?

A: Transplant it into a larger container now. And, it will likely commence flowering within the next 5 weeks, at which point it will double to triple its size. More container. Stat.


Another photo posted:

Q: Why is she yellowing?

And the reply thread:


Finally, one participant posted this photo, without asking a question:Some commenters responded that the ladies should be in larger pots. Others noted that one shouldn’t smoke the plants in the middle. Wisdom abounds in Heady Nation!

Special thanks to First Responders Brandon Choquette, James G. Hannigan, Stacy Aldrich-Ladd, JT Bedard, and Pot Doc for all their generosity and advice!

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