Jean O’Sullivan – Vermont House, Chittenden 6-2

Tax & Regulate like CA. My committee (Commerce) will be working on the economic development of the market.

Heady Vermont Staff
Heady Vermont Staff 5 Aug 2018

What, in your mind, is the ideal structure for a functional legal Tax and Regulate system? How would you work with other branches of government to create this kind of system?

Tax & Regulate like CA. My committee (Commerce) will be working on the economic development of the market.

How would you assess Vermont’s current medical marijuana program? How will you ensure that registered medical patients and caregivers have access to an abundance of high-quality cannabis products priced at or below market rates?
Currently the quality is low and the price high. Both should be adjusted.
How will you ensure that people who’ve been disproportionately affected by prohibition (such as convicts and People Of Color) will have an equal opportunity to participate in Vermont’s legal cannabis industry? In particular, how will you work for statewide expungement of convictions for possession?
I support expungement because my goal is to bring to the legal market all our black market growers and merchants.
How will you make sure that all Vermonters have equal access to joining the legal cannabis industry as small and startup businesses?
Keep a residency requirement.
Do you think state can sustain both a medical and a recreational program – or would you combine cannabis regulations into one system?
They should be separate.
If tax-and-regulate is passed, how would you prefer to allocate cannabis revenues? To the general fund or to specific causes? If specific, please share any proposals.
Drug education, state lab, then general fund
Would you allow Vermont towns to enact temporary moratoriums or outright bans on legal cannabis businesses?
Temporary only max two years.

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