VTCNA Health Tips: Making Change

Meghan Ustianov 1 Aug 2018

We all know we could make some sort of lifestyle change, but how does one decide how to focus their energy when there may be so many possibilities? Should I focus on arriving home early to spend more time with my loved ones, eat less of that, or take an hour of alone time for myself?

When talking with friends, family and patients I tend to focus on choosing one attainable lifestyle change. What this means is choosing an aspect of your life that you – and I mean you, not your spouse and or parent – desire to work towards. Notice I said one, and not three at a time.

Because picking a place to start can be challenging, I suggest doing a “self-scan” to understand what is important to you at this moment in time. Adherence to change is successful when, deep down inside, the person desires that change for themselves. Try to picture a part of your life you would like to work on, and what you could do today, or this week to jump start the change.

Now, one has to remember the change is not going to happen overnight or maybe even in a month. This aspect of your life, whether tangible or not, is its own entity that may not rushed. Setting small steps to achieve the overall picture can often lead to effective goal achievement. Long-term changes take time, patience, mistakes and often going back to the drawing board to re-motivate.  With dedication, perseverance and support I believe anyone can!

– Meghan Ustianov, RN

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