Artist Profile: MandaLynn Segale

Kathryn Blume 28 Jul 2018

We met MandaLynn Segale through her sister Amelia Machia when they both volunteered at the the Heady Vermont booth during the July 1 Legalization Celebration. While they completely rocked the joint as t-shirt vendors, it was impossible not to notice MandaLynn’s gorgeous tats, and we were excited to learn about her business, Epiphany Tattoo in Morrisville. Whether it’s paper and ink or skin and ink, an artist is an artist, and we’re honored to introduce MandaLynn to you!

HVT: What is your personal background?

MS: I grew up in the rural backwoods of Vermont, skipping rocks, spending nights in a tent, and roasting marshmallows. I spent most of my highschool career in art class or skipping class to do art projects. I was accepted into a Technical School my junior year and spent two years in a multimedia program.

Graduating high school in ‘07 I had a full time job with a local candle company as their graphic designer. I worked with them for two years before accepting an apprenticeship with a mentor at a tattoo studio in Montpelier. I dedicated five years to the studio and later branched out to other local shops to work with a variety of talented artists. In 2014, I opened my own studio in Morrisville with the support of family and friends.

In the last four years I have settled into Morrisville, growing a talented team of artists and piercers, happily making my permanent art. I’m very proud to be a shop owner and artist in this beautiful state.

HVT: What’s the source of your artistic inspiration?

MS: I am always looking at everyday scenery and objects as though they are my next tattoo project. I find my art is always adapting and my skill set growing from the artists I have worked with, talked with, and spent years throwing ideas around with. I want to collaborate and work with so many talented artists from a variety of mediums because I am always looking to express my artistic visions in more ways than just ink. I find pet portraits, flora and fauna, nature, and landscapes are some of my favorite subject matters.

HVT: What’s your personal and artistic relationship to Vermont?

MS: Vermont is a state unlike any other; I wasn’t born here, but I spent my whole life growing up in the mountains. Time spent away reminds me of how much I miss our Vermontisms; the acceptable sarcasm, cheese on everything, ice cream, and excellent beer. I have so many clients who want to express their love for Vermont that I get to design so many ideas from floral elements to nature scenes.

HVT: What’s your relationship with cannabis?

MS: I’ve been a strong cannabis supporter for years. It has helped me keep my anxiety at bay and lessened my depressive moods. My daughter was born in 2014 with complications in labor and a traumatic emergency c-section. Waking up in the ICU I was in constant pain in my joints, muscles and tendons. My medical card was obtained after a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, and working with my doctors for two years looking for pain relief.

I didn’t know much about growing the plant, but a family member stepped forward to offer their help as a caregiver to me. It was an excellent experience to watch the plants from clones to vegetation. We never made it to flower, unfortunately, as our legal grow was raided by local police and completely trashed, leaving me devastated and frustrated with our cannabis laws.

I started over on my own, learning so much more about the plant, watching them every day and reading everything I could about the best way to grow naturally. I now own more houseplants than ever, I grow herbs and flowers as well as my medical cannabis, it seems that miracle plant blessed me with a green thumb I never knew I had. I am now a caregiver, as well as a medical patient. I wanted to extend my knowledge to someone who couldn’t do so on their own.

HVT: What’s your vision for cannabis in Vermont?

MS: I am so proud of the hard work from everyone working together for our recent legalization. I look forward to continue fighting for medical rights and caregiver rights. I am looking to better the quality that is provided, educate those open to learning about the benefits and uses, and eventually see sale and retail shops to continue to benefit the local community. I see a network of growers and medical patients working together to get the best medicine out to those who don’t have the ability or access to get it.

HVT: Where are you based, how can people see your work, and what’s the best way for folks to contact you?

MS: My tattoo studio is located at 30 Fairgrounds Plaza in Morrisville, I encourage folks to stop and say hello and take a look a look around at the art displayed by local artists. My instagram handle is @epiphanytattoostudio, Facebook, E-mail [email protected], and website

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