VTCNA Health Tips: Summer Heat Management

Jessilyn Dolan 20 Jul 2018

Your weekly health tip from the Vermont Cannabis Nurses Assocaition!

Finally, summer is here! We thought the snow would never end. Now that it’s warm and beautiful, many of us want every minute of sun-shiny activity we can get.

But it has been WARM, even record-breakingly hot, so don’t forget to take care, and remember these tips (which we all know but may not take seriously enough):

– Drink, drink, hydrate.
– Stay out of the direct sun at the middle of the day if possible.
– Use sunscreen.
– Take breaks from activity in the heat.
– Cool off when needed. There are lakes, rivers, hoses, water to pour over your head or each other. Or, get inside with a fan.
– Please, watch out for each other. Check on family, friends, neighbors – especially shut-ins.
– Don’t forget pets. Same rules apply to our furry friends.

Have a nice summer, and take care of yourselves. You are immeasurably important!

– Patty B, Psychiatric RN, Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association

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