Artist Profile: Julie Fisheye

Kathryn Blume 7 Jul 2018

Julie Fisheye has been a stalwart and enthusiastic Heady Vermont volunteer. So when we discovered she was also an artist – and a highly versatile one at that – of course we had to introduce her to the Heady Vermont community.

HVT: What is your personal background?

JF: The universe has bestowed upon me the ability to walk the road less traveled. This is always allowed me to see and receive any parts and inspirations from my surroundings. I have always enjoyed creating through some form/many forms of artistic mediums.

I have been self-employed for many years which is allowed me the flexibility to be on my own person and experience life on my terms. I have worked a few factory jobs in the past which show me the journey for my life comes in the form of self-expression. I have taken life’s lessons in applied to each one to benefit my creativity and forward movement with a momentum that is unstoppable.

HVT: What is your source of artistic expression?

JF: The term Jack Of All Trades comes to mind. I believe the universe has gifted me with the blessing of sight to be capable of seeing the beauty in my surroundings: A drop water. A million colorful reflections that can lead to a double rainbow. A wilted leaves. How incredible it would be to breathe life back into it with a little shine of green metallic.

Being Jack Of All Trades, I can fix a door, replace a window, change a tire, build a cabinet, repair a refrigerator, or anything that might arise. I figure it out. With the blessing of sight I am open to what inspirations may arise from simple things – and inspiration is there. It is everywhere.

The more I see, the more that comes to me. Life is like a magnet, which you are open to comes back at you and I love to be inspired and create.

HVT: What is your personal and artistic relationship to Vermont?

JF: There are many wonderful places in the United States. Each state has its personal signature and it’s own right – a wonder. Vermont is one of the few states that can boast all four seasons. The cycle of life is an amazing process with unlimited and unrestrained beauty. From the forests to the rivers and streams to the mountains and the valleys, Vermont offers the best of all worlds. Inspiration comes in an unlimited variety of offerings each and every day that is quite indigenous to the state.

Living in Vermont allows me to be in the forefront of life, in art and in spirit. Vermont also allows me to experience the progressiveness of the attitude of the people of the state and that I am honored to be part of.

HVT: What is your relationship with cannabis?

JF: Alexander Fleming and Howard Florey were credited with the discovery of penicillin. It took the ability to see the potential in something so profound as antibiotics to even begin to take the steps to advanced medicine in the way that would impact the world on such a profound level. I am sure they we’re not aware of the impact it would have when they began the journey.

Cannabis is no different from then penicillin. The potential it carries to heal such a wide array of disorders and diseases is profound. I strongly support a natural substance that has proven healing properties for devastating diseases such as cancer. Radiation and chemotherapy have extremely destructive side effects. Cannabis has none.

I know and have known so many people who could have benefitted from such a treatment. I would even go so far as to say they could possibly still be alive today had they had the option of cannabis treatment instead of chemo and radiation. Chemo and radiation destroy healthy cells. Cannabis does not have any negative side effects. How can it not be as relevant and profoundly impactful to medicine as penicillin?

HVT: What’s your vision for cannabis in Vermont?

JF: As with so many issues on the forefront of politics, medicine, spirituality, and our constitutional freedoms, Vermont has led many of those battles to rise as victors setting precedents for the rest of the country to follow. Someone I love deeply benefited from one of those battles back in 2002 when Vermont passed a law allowing civil unions. What a historical moment that was and the country has followed its example.

Cannabis is one of those life-changing issues that the country is battling with today. Once again, Vermont is among the changers and the movers, and I can see Vermont continuing to be among the shakers of change.

HVT:  Where can folks find you?

JF: I am based in Milton, Vermont. I am quite mobile. My art is displayed at Milton Artisans Guild located in the Hanniford shopping plaza on Route 7 in Milton. ​ I am on Instagram. My name is Julie Fisheye. You can find me on Facebook by searching Julie Fisheye, and if you would like to contact me about my art, my email is [email protected].

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