“A Turning Point For Vermont” – An Interview With Flat Fee Dave

Erin Doble 29 Jun 2018

HVT: Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

FFD: Well, I do real estate and I work for a flat fee, rather than a percentage of the purchase price like most realtors. So basically, I help save people a bunch of money when buying property.

HVT: What got you into real estate?

FFD: I’ve been doing sales for about 20 years and I decided that I could help folks out while having a good time working in real estate.

HVT: What’s your connection to the industry?

FFD: I just care a lot about cannabis’ impact and potential within the economy and culture overall. My wife is a massage therapist and she uses CBD in her massage oils and it has been very effective for her patients and her business.

I used to be a cannabis advocate with a Vermont advocacy group, and have been involved with the issues for the past few years and am just ready to see progress and be apart of the community.

HVT: Is there anything you can do involving real estate to help the with industry in Vermont?

FFD:I’m a very wise counsel and confidant for people with questions and who need particular types of property, need advice or background information that are specific to these interests.

I have some knowledge of where cannabis and real estate intersect and some of the laws around it, like what’s appropriate and what’s not. In general I’m a reliable source of information.

HVT: Where do you see the industry in Vermont 5-10 years from now?

FFD:I think hemp has an extraordinary opportunity to make a strong impact on Vermont. Hemp is much closer to national legalization than recreational cannabis is, so in a lot of respects hemp is the future of cannabis.

The funny thing is that if hemp is everywhere, it makes it harder to police what is hemp and what is cannabis. Really, a much greater awareness of cannabis overall and its opportunities and impacts, if done right can be a tremendous blessing.

It’s a turning point for Vermont because we have to respond to what Canada, Massachusetts and other neighboring states are doing. There’s also a lot of threat and obstacles coming from the direction of our federal government. Vermont in a shaky place regarding ways to draw people here to the state so if we handle cannabis the right way it can be a blessing, and if done the wrong way it could hurt us.

HVT: How can folks reach you?

FFD: You can reach me at, all of my contact info is there!

HVT: Anything else you’d like to add?

I want to wish everyone a happy celebration day and the start of a new adventure in our collective “civilization” and to be safe especially on July 1st.

Stay hydrated and don’t overdo the edibles! Don’t be the one having a bad time!


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