Brattleboro Vermont’s First Hemp & CBD Farmers Market

Brandon Choquette 20 Jun 2018

CBD-infused Botanicals to CBD enriched Hemp-plants, there’s something for all your needs!

Welcome to the 1st Brattleboro Hemp & CBD Farmers Market!

I stopped in at the Hemp & CBD farmers market in Brattleboro, VT with some good friends for a couple hours to check out all the CBD products the local companies were advertising for sale. I loved seeing the innovation of the CBD community brought together in one place!

There was a diverse community of local VT based CBD & Hemp companies advocating the various uses of CBD, and it was a nice sight to see so many wanting to know more about Hemp and CBD. The vibe there was pretty relaxed and welcoming. I saw a lot of interested people wandering around asking questions, there was dozens of local VT vendors supporting the CBD scene by helping educate the public. There were also a lot of people purchasing CBD products, from bonsai-like Ceiba hemp clones to organic CBD-infused botanicals like Bravo Botanicals, not to mention Luce Farms with some the most delicious snacks!

They even had Organic CBD-infused maple sugar in your choice of lemonade or coffee!?

Maple Plus, Organic CBD-infused Maple Sugar in Organic Lemonade

One of the many vendors that I enjoyed checking out was Maple Plus, a Vermont based company that produces one of the most useful products I’ve seen on the CBD market: Organic Maple Sugar infused with CBD, which can be used with just about anything!

Their mission is to create a sustainable product that supports organic farming while promoting wellness. Infusing Organic Vermont Maple Syrup with Full-Spectrum CBD C02-derived extract processed from organically cultivated hemp, served directly to the customer in a sweet little box with a maple leaf design. Searching for a perfect gift? I think I found one!

Looking to cultivate hemp? Local CBD hemp producers are the way to grow!

Northern Roots Nursery is a local VT CBD hemp-cultivation company had awesome spread of products: CBD hemp-clones, sweet glassware, seeds and some very healthy CBD-enriched hemp plants chilling next to their booth!

One of their CBD enriched-hemp cultivars they offered is called Ceiba, an Indica dominant Harle-Tsu hybrid that was selectively bred for High-CBD ratios, hardiness and fast flowering which makes it perfect for someone interested in growing during Vermont’s outdoor season.

Northern Roots Nursery, CBD-enriched Hemp plants

I commonly hear from people interested in hemp products say things like, “I don’t know how to grow, but am still interested in CBD extracts.”

Look no further than your local VT based CBD extract company Humble Roots Horticulture!

“Humbled by nature, rooted in Vermont”

Humble Roots Horticulture is based in Burlington, VT and has been established since 2017, cultivating High-CBD varieties of cannabis, then extracting the hemp-flowers into craft hemp-derived CBD concentrates. They were very welcoming people; their booth had a wide array of CBD-infused botanicals from pure CBD distillate to CBD tinctures coupled by two beautiful broad-leaved hemp plants on each side! I would put them on my list of companies to deal with if you’re looking for craft CBD concentrates.

Wintermute.Online, Cannabis Collective

As I made my way around the Hemp/CBD farmers market I noticed a couple vendors selling hemp joints. One of the vendors that really stood out to me was a new company called Wintermute.Online, a cannabis collective committed with a passion to ensuring quality CBD products. They had infused coconut tinctures and some tasty 72mg CBD joints rolled out of hemp organically grown in Irasburg, Vermont!

The Healing Rose, Organic CBD Botanicals

Another great vendor I had the pleasure of checking out was The Healing Rose, a friendly CBD botanical company based in Andover, Vermont. They offered a unique assortment of CBD botanicals, topicals, lip balms, salves and massage oils. Their unique artisanal products are categorized based on medicinal properties: Awaken&Refresh, Focus&Balance and Relax&Restore, all using non-psychoactive elements of hemp-derived oil to provide soothing pain relief!

Overall it was a great event thanks to Heady Vermont, and all the local VT based companies that showed up and contributed to the VT CBD scene by helping educate and supply Vermonters with everything to meet their CBD related needs. I think the CBD & Hemp Farmers Market is a great way to educate the general public about holistic alternatives to pharmaceuticals, and build a strong community-based CBD/Hemp industry for Vermonters interested in taking an alternative approach to medicating.

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