HEADY LIVE: July 1st Legalization Celebration Preview ft. Keith Morris & Monica Donovan

Heady Vermont Staff 6 Jun 2018

Heady Vermont’s livestream from Monday, June 4.

This episode features a catchup session with Heady Vermont Co-founders Monica Donovan, CEO and Eli Harrington, COO/Host. They talk about what’s happening with Heady Vermont and answer questions about the Legalization Celebration at Willow Crossing Farm on July 1st.

They cover what Heady Vermont Members Only membership with Heady Vermont means, now and in the future, and how we are working with business partners from Vermont to Vancouver to ELEVATE THE STATE and hook up members and contribute to making this the best possible cannabis community in the world.

This episode sponsored by the Farm Based Perma-Canna-Culture Course and produced by Shawn Cimonetti, Shawn Cimonetti Media.

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