Heady Artist Profile: Colette Aimee

Kathryn Blume 14 Apr 2018

Of the many folks we met at NECANN in Boston, Colette Aimee stood out both for her personal pizzazz, as well as her vibrant, dreamlike, intensely emotional painting. We were excited to learn more about her, and where such a powerful, fearless, loving style like hers comes from.

HVT: What’s your personal background?

CA: I’m the daughter of an actor and a ballerina. I grew up in Kent, NY and throughout my childhood, there were all kinds of artists flowing in and out of my life, including musicians, actors, dancers, poets, painters, and aristocrats! I went to art school at SUNY New Paltz in NY, and got my BFA in 2006. I’m now in shows all over the Country – ranging from gallery shows and events as well as music and arts festivals. I try to surround myself with the types of creative people which inspire her to paint the luminous colors of her Surrealistic world.


HVT: What’s the source of your artistic inspiration?

CA: The completeness of being human inspires me tremendously; emotions that are deeply good or bad which create the endless uniqueness of every human being. Longing, Lust, hopelessness, passion, melancholy, renewal are all wonderful states that I watch for in the human being. Inspiration comes from that moment of clarity people have within themselves when showing a true emotion.

HVT: What’s your personal and artistic relationship to Vermont?

CA: I spent my first year of college in Vermont before transferring to SUNY New Paltz to receive my BFA in Painting.

I moved back to Vermont about two years ago to immerse myself in nature. I had been living in the city for too long and I needed fresh air and space to clear my head and create. Vermont has given me the ability to reflect and grow without so much chaos of the outside world.

“Take My Heart”

HVT: What’s your relationship with cannabis?

CA: I see cannabis as an aid for my creative abilities and to nurture my anxiety and sometimes depression. It can help me if I am in pain physically and emotionally. When I can not figure out where to take a painting next, cannabis has the ability to bring me to a place where I find new colors, new ideas, and break barriers of my own mind. It has the ability to wake me up and see clearly or calm down and breath. To be honest I do not know where I would be without it these days.

HVT: What’s your vision for cannabis in Vermont?

CA: I envision being accepted completely everywhere without question, for the medicinal properties of it to be supported by everyone, and for there to be no more fear of the plant. I envision it growing freely.

“Hold Together”

HVT: Where are you based, how can people see your work, and what’s the best way for people to contact you?

CA: I am currently based out of Brattleboro, VT.  People can view my work at, or they can visit two current group shows I am in. One is at Electric Haze in Worcester, MA called “Faktual Evidence”, and the other is “Redefining Identity” at the Brookfield Craft Center in Brookfield, CT. “Redefining Identity” is a group show put together by the Students at the Western CT State University who’ve been studying my work.

I will also be in the galleries at Minus Zero Music Festival (VT), Psychedelic Slumberparty (ME), Germination Fesitval (ME), Strange Creek Music Festival (MA), Psychedelic Sleepover Fesival (NH), Disc Jam (NY), Bears Picnic music Festival (PA), Wild Woods Music Festival (NH), Hydrotechnics Festival (NY), and so many more to come!

The best way to reach me is through email, [email protected]

Colette Aimee

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