Weekly Roll Up: April 13, 2018

Lianna Tedesco 13 Apr 2018




  • It’s a well known fact that mice will eat just about anything. However, eight Argentinian officers were dismissed after claiming mice were the culprits for a missing half-ton of marijuana. If they could prove the mice had munchies, perhaps that would aid their cause?
  • Former House speaker John Boehner, who claims innocence in never having once smoked marijuana, has joined an advisory board for cannabis company Acreage Holdings. “Members will see the light,” he says, and we can only hope that his new open-mindedness translates to other issues as well — for instance, his current administration.
  • It’s not just pizza in that delivery box — Colorado veterans advocate for a marijuana delivery that would help those living out of purchasing range access to cannabis.
  • According to a Bloomberg study, US cannabis sales are on track to hit $75 billion by 2030, matching 2017 soft drink sales, which are already on the decline. More munching, but less burping.

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