HEADY LIVE: 2018 Vermont Hemp Season Preview

Heady Vermont Staff 13 Apr 2018

In this episode, host and hemp-permit-holder-and-definitely-not-a-FARMER, Eli Harrington digs deeper on the Vermont hemp scene with a preview of the 2018 CBD and Industrial Hemp season, including:

+ The map of the current Vermont hemp growers’ registry with a breakdown of WHERE the state’s 145 registered hemp farms are located.

+ How the hemp registry grown in Vermont since 2015.

+ What legislation will affect Vermont hemp growers in 2018 and beyond?

+ Last week, WCAX-TV asked “Could hemp save struggling Vermont farms?” and produced a four-minute long segment focusing on the present and future of hemp in Vermont.

Professional high quality production via Shawn Cimonetti Media, Custom Theme Music by Honeytwist.

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