Sponsor Spotlight: Phylos Bioscience

Heady Vermont Staff 10 Apr 2018

Heady Vermont is happy to welcome Phylos as the Premium Gold Sponsor for our July 1 post-prohibition party!

Phylos is a genomic science company studying the DNA of cannabis to better understand how domestication has shaped the evolution and complex diversity of hybrid strains. With this information, farmers can grow more efficiently, patients can access reliable medicine, consumers can avoid confusion, and the industry can grow more sustainably.

In 2014, Phylos launched the Cannabis Evolution Project, a two-year collaboration with Rob Desalle, a curator and phylogeneticist at the American Museum of Natural History. They collected thousands of ancient and modern sample, and today they serve as the foundation for the Phylos Galaxy, the largest collection of genetic information on cannabis in the world.

With customer permission, they also make their data open-source via the Open Cannabis Project (OCP). The intellectual property competition that has come with the growing wave of legalization may have the unintended consequence of narrowing and restricting this diversity, and they support the OCP in their mission to to prevent this from happening.

Phylos also developed the Phylos Plant Sex Test to make growing from regular seed more efficient and cost effective. Growers are able to maximize grow space by culling male plants just 7-10 days after germination.

“The Phylos Plant Sex Test helps our farm keep the balance between our philosophical ideals of devoting a maximum amount of resources to our plants, while maintaining a bottom line efficacy of low costs, time and labor. Within 7-10 days of germination, we can confidently identify our females for pheno hunting and share our males with breeders and genetic development programs.

— Ashlee Aronson, Three Creeks Farms, Humboldt County, CA

Heady Vermont members will be able to save 10% on Phylos services throughout April.

Readers can learn more online at

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