HEADY LIVE: “Is it legal to ____?” ft. Tim Fair, Attorney and Founder of Vermont Cannabis Solutions

Heady Vermont Staff 3 Apr 2018

“Is it legal to ______?”

In this episode of the Heady LIVESTREAM, host Eli Harrington speaks with Tim Fair, Esq. an attorney and the founder of Vermont Cannabis Solutions, Vermont’s first provider of cannabis-focused legal and consulting services.

This episode is hosted by Jam Creative and produced by Shawn Cimonetti Media. Buy tickets to Vermont’s first Cannabis and Hemp Convention on May 12-13 online here for your own look at what’s happening and what’s next.

1:28 – The Vermont Cannabis and Hemp Convention vendor booths have SOLD OUT !
3:15 – Why this is NOT LEGAL ADVICE
6:55 – The LIVE studio audience
8:10 – Cannabis Trivia Question – sponsored by “Trivia Night…on WEEEED”, a cannabis-related trivia night happening on Weds. 4/18 at the Monkey House.
9:26 – Introducing Tim Fair, Esq. founder of Vermont Cannabis Solutions and his background.
11:55 – Defending Marijuana DUI in Vermont
13:20 – Smelling marijuana in a car, search and seizure
15:20 – What Will and Won’t Change after July 1st in Vermont…”Will it be legal to ______?”
18:20 – First Impressions and Collaboration, not Confrontation
20:16 – Legal home growing details and definitions
24:20 – Legal home possession limits
26:30 – How will legal ‘gifting’ work without legal sales of cannabis?
30:00 – How different locales might prosecute cannabis differently.
38:49 – How Transporting and Selling CBD Across State Lines
42:14 – Do you think we’ll see changes in the federal government in the near future?
44:18 – How do you think concentrates will be handled?

Read more about Tim Fair in the recent Ganjapreneur article, “Launching Vermont’s First Cannabis Law Firm” online here.

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