Weekly Roll Up: March 9, 2018

Heady Vermont Staff 9 Mar 2018

Welcome to the Weekly Roll Up, Heady Vermont’s regular review of the top cannabis news locally, from our region and beyond.


Is Vermont going gray? Well, demographically speaking, yes.

However, that’s not what TJ Branfalt is talking about in this piece for Ganjaprenuer, where he explores how a gray market for cannabis could spring up in the Green Mountain State come July 1.

As Heady Vermont co-founder Eli Harrington noted on Twitter this week former Sen. Bill Doyle’s eponymous Town Meeting Day survey did not include a question asking for respondents views on cannabis.

Is it a sign that the Doyle Poll views that questions, to borrow a phrase from our attorney friends, as ‘Asked and answered?’

Hard to know. As it turns out, The Rutland Herald reported that last year’s survey didn’t include the questions either, but Doyle chalked that up to an oversight. It’s not back this year either though, so draw your own conclusions.

If you missed it, check out this week’s special Town Meeting Livestream. It includes an explainer on Heady membership, and Eli announces our first member discount.


It was a big week in the Bay State. Regulators to our south published the final rules for recreational cannabis sales. New England Public Radio has a rundown of four key takeaways.

The Boston Herald ran a story outlining how medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts are making the leap to recreational sales, which could be a preview of what’s to come in Vermont — albeit more slowly than they’d like, we’re sure.

In another potential preview of Vermont’s not too distant future, here’s a report from Maine on cannabis delivery services that may be leaning a little over their skis.

Finally, take a look at the warning label that will be appended to marijuana products in Massachusetts. Regulation! It works.


It appears that the bright people at Bloomberg believe that the United States’ recalcitrant views on cannabis are analogous to ceding a $30 billion industry to Canada.

That’s seems out of character for the foremost capitalists on earth.

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