Intern Profile: Samantha Segalas-Shaw

Heady Vermont Staff 7 Mar 2018

Samantha Segalas-Shaw is a Heady Vermont graphic design intern who will design event posters, website updates, Facebook and Instagram content and other fun projects the Heady team is discussing. Samantha lives in Burlington, and she is a senior at Champlain College graduating in May with a degree in graphic design and digital media.

Samantha has previously volunteered her design skills for the Vermont Ibutwa Initiative, a local nonprofit helping support and advocate for women and children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as well as refugees here in Vermont.

Samantha’s interest in cannabis:

“I was first attracted to cannabis reform advocacy, because I dream of one day designing with hemp in order to eliminate petroleum-based plastics from my work, and exploring other ways to use hemp in the design process.

In my time as a designer I have noticed that we are among those creating the world’s waste. This is not the legacy that I want to leave behind with my work. My advocacy for cannabis is driven by my love for the earth and its inhabitants. Cannabis legalization will allow people to heal and help the earth heal from the damage of our unsustainable practices. Hemp has the potential to usher in a new era for sustainable design, and it all starts with us standing up and taking action.”

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