Measuring Cannabis Impairment: Podcast Interview with Professor Michael Milburn, Ph.D

Heady Vermont Staff 3 Mar 2018

For physiological, botanical, and policy reasons, there is presently no biological test that can measure how impaired from cannabis a human being is at a given time. There is no breathalyzer, and blood or hair or saliva tests can only confirm the presence of a molecule. These existing physical tests do not indicate physical coordination, reaction time or  concentration.

So if not a chemical-based test, can you actually tell if someone is “high”? Or if someone is “too high” to safely operate a vehicle?

Applying his Harvard Ph.D and 40 years as a professor of 

Psychology, Michael Milburn, Ph.D thinks that he has that answer. His unique solution is a smartphone application called, the DRUID App.

As Professor Milburn explains during the featured interview, DRUID uses a combination of both mental and physical tasks to measure and compare a user’s results from his/her sober results and actually score your impairment (from any substance, including cannabis).


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