Heady Culture Artist Profile: Hannah Broer

Hemp and organic cotton blends. Photo by Lulu Loving.
Kathryn Blume 24 Feb 2018

We love artist Hanna Broer’s comfy, beautiful, and sassy swimwear and lingerie, and we particularly appreciate the fact that she displays her work with a high degree of body positivity.

Thanks to Hanna for letting us share her beautiful work with the good folks of Heady Nation!

HVT: Where are you based, how can people see your work, and what’s the best way for people to contact you?

HB:  I’m based out of Craftsbury, Vermont. I mostly sell and showcase my work online, through my own website as well as Etsy. My website is: and me Etsy shop is: The best way for people to contact me is through email: [email protected]

Meara Oberdiek in hemp and organic cotton blends. Photo by My Visions Boudoir.

HVT: What is your personal background?

HB: I grew up in Montreal, and learned to design and sew there through a mix of some schooling and learning on the job as a seamstress. I moved to Vermont in 2015 and brought my business with me.

HVT: What’s the source of your artistic inspiration?

HB: My inspiration comes from a mix of a practical interest in accommodating different body types, a desire for a high level of comfort as well as past and current fashions.

Hemp and organic cotton blends. Photo by Lulu Loving.

HVT: What’s your personal and artistic relationship to Vermont?

HB: I moved to Vermont about three years ago and love the natural beauty of this state. I have just moved into a yurt, and I’m working with my husband to create a homestead tucked into the woods in Craftsbury. I hope to eventually be able to grow and raise much of my own food. Vermont inspires my lifestyle and hobbies, while an appreciation for nature helps drive my passion for using natural and organic materials.

HVT: What’s your relationship with cannabis?

HB: I appreciate the versatile uses of this plant and its ecological tendencies. I’m personally very sensitive to THC, so I don’t consume or smoke it in that way myself. But I am interested in herbal medicine, and I know that this plant is an extremely important plant in that respect for many people. I love that it provides not only a medicine and a recreational drug, but also a very nutritious food through its seeds.

I once made the most beautiful and delicious lime green mayonnaise with hemp seed oil. I’ve been searching for the oil recently but it’s been hard to find. Hopefully it will become more widely available soon.

Finally, of course, my most common personal use of cannabis is through the fibre. I sew with it almost every day. I’ve chosen to use hemp as much as I can in my collections because it’s a very sustainable crop. It doesn’t need chemical pesticides or herbicides, and it requires much less water than cotton does.

Meara Oberdiek in hemp and organic cotton blends. Photo by My Visions Boudoir.

HVT: What’s your vision for cannabis in Vermont?

HB: First, it seems so many people here are growing their own food in some way, and I know many people around here versed in herbal medicine. I think that Vermonters’ ability to grow their own plants would be a great addition to many people’s self-sufficiency.

Secondly, so many Vermonters are creating delicious natural consumable products. There are so many Vermont breweries, craft distilleries, and food producers, I’m curious to see what the creative people of Vermont come up with using cannabis when it legalizes.


Hemp and organic cotton blends. Photo by Lulu Loving.

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