Staff Profile: Colin Garvey

Colin Garvey 3 Jan 2018

Colin Garvey is excited to join Heady Vermont as Account Manager of Sales, and looks forward to cultivating content engagement, locking in positive client experience and dedication to future events within the industry, as well as sealing many promotional deals.

Born and raised in Boston, Colin came to Vermont 11 years ago to pursue a degree in Graphic Design & Digital Media from Burlington’s Champlain College. He spent 6 years at Burton Snowboards working closely with global clients, and served as Key Account Manager and Digital Campaign Coordinator for Free Press Media. Most recently, Colin was the New England Digital Strategist for Ford Motor Co. at Dealer Dot Com, a leader in digital automotive advertising & site management. Colin brings an abundance of energy, commitment, and serious network negotiating skills to our team.

Colin’s also a devoted snowboarder, chef, and vintage motorcycle aficionado. He’s an incredible fan anything vintage Harley-Davidson and loves the freedom that motorcycles – and the people involved with them – bring to his life. Passionate about Vermont since a young age, Colin has fallen in love with the outdoors and people alike in this beautiful state.

“When I first visited Vermont many years ago, I can remember saying to myself, why don’t I live here already? Since I moved here for college (many moons ago), I’ve never left.”

Colin’s Interest in Cannabis:

“I’ve been living with epilepsy since April of 2005, and it’s had a mostly negative effect on my life, causing numerous financial, mental health, and work-related issues. Controlling seizures, dealing with their adverse impacts, and paying hundreds of dollars for medication – even with insurance – is a daily struggle. Luckily, with cannabis, I now have a much easier, more beneficial way to help control my condition.

I look forward to using my background in networking and account management to assist in the growth of local canna-businesses, help people like me resolve their health issues, and to contribute to the well-being of our entire community.”



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