Staff Profile: Kathy Blume

Kathryn Blume 22 Dec 2017

Kathy Blume is excited to join Heady Vermont as an events organizer, content creator, legislative strategist, yoga teacher, and anything else they might need.

A speaker, writer, environmental activist, and solo performer who has toured her original work to over 50 cities in the US, Canada, and Europe, Kathy was co-founder and Executive Director of the award-winning community climate game Vermontivate, founder of the nationally syndicated radio show Earth on the Air, and co-founder of the Lysistrata Project, the first worldwide theatrical event for peace.

She is the author of Dancing to the Beat of the Great Green Heart, a collection of political and environmental essays, speeches, and Vermont Public Radio commentaries, and has contributed to the books Beautiful Trouble,’s 50 Ways To Love Your Country, Code Pink’s Stop the Next War Now, Outcry – American Voices of Conscience Post 9/11, and 365 Ways to Change the World.

She received her BA from Yale with a self-designed degree in environmental studies and theater, served for many years as board chair of 350VT, and lives in the woods with her husband Mark and two very pushy cats.

Kathy’s Interest in Cannabis?

“I’ve always been a fan of cannabis as a source of fun, joy, relaxation, spiritual insight, and cramp relief. Then, in February 2016, my appendix exploded and I almost died from sepsis. Cannabis has been instrumental in my recovery, and I feel more strongly than ever that legalization – done intelligently, strategically, and with a strong eye towards social and economic justice – can be a huge boon for the Vermont community.”

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