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iaso goods grinder - image via Reciprocity Studio, 2017
Heady Vermont Staff 18 Dec 2017

As a product development company with high end manufacturing capabilities, IASO Goods is a unique kind of business that stands out in the cannabis community. With the ability to design, prototype and create the highest quality products and equipment out of a variety of materials, the emergence of iaso goods is not only a milestone for the company itself, but a sign of the maturation and evolution in how cannabis is considered.

Pronounced “Ee-Ahh-So” and named after Iaso, the Greek goddess of recuperation, the Vermont-based company recently launched publicly and has begun bringing its decades of high end product and prototype development to the world of cannabis. The first IASO goods product is the world’s first 100% stainless steel herb grinder is indicative of the company philosophy that provides the foundation for all of IASO’s work: simple, high quality, and providing a practical solution for a cannabis challenge currently unaddressed.

IASO Goods has already launched their website, social media channels and a newsletter, as well as a promotion where custom links can be shared by individuals in order to receive free IASO Goods grinders and other gear.

In addition to their standard grinder, IASO goods has also collaborated with Vermont cannabis media and events company Heady Vermont, to create the first customized version of the IASO goods 100% stainless steel grinder.

The customized Heady Vermont stainless grinder, created by IASO goods, available for purchase at Heady Vermont.

In an official statement from IASO goods’ communications director, the company representative said that the 100% stainless grinder steel represents a desire to bring a higher quality standard of tools for medical cannabis patients and to help guide the cannabis community into a more mature mindset. 

“Due to the increase in education and experience, as a society we’re finally getting beyond the ‘bongs and thongs’ stereotypes of the past twenty years and people are not only considering cannabis as having medicinal value, but treating it more like high-quality medicine.”

For IASO goods, the inspiration to create the 100% stainless steel grinder came both from the mindset of the conscientious cannabis consumer, as well as a practical consideration.

“If you’re a medical marijuana patient, you’re putting cannabis into your body for healing purposes, but if you’re unknowingly grinding aluminum or plastic flakes into the herb, you’re literally poisoning yourself.”

“Most people who use grinders have older devices and would rarely even consider that the longer they use their grinders, the more likely they’re adding paint, metal, or plastic to their herb — there’s a reason that all kitchen equipment is made from 100% stainless steel!” 

IASO goods also note that in addition to the stainless steel material, the grinders also have a patent-pending “labyrinth chamber” which provides an extra track for the grinder to rotate within and prevents resin from sticking and gumming to the sides, which the spokesperson said was designed with medical cannabis patients needs in mind.

“Medical cannabis patients don’t necessarily have the grip strength to wrestle with sticky grinders or to clean the hardened resin from the inside tracks.”

For IASO, making professional-quality, classier, healthier, and easier-to-use grinders is the first, not the final, step. Company representatives indicated that in addition to customized grinders for other cannabis brands and in various sizes, they are already in talks with cultivators, processors, and product-makers to design custom equipment and tools.

“This is just the beginning — a handheld grinder is an easily understood and easy to operate tool and it’s something that can benefit medical cannabis patients. As far as the bigger picture, we’re thinking more about how we can support farmers with harvesting, processors with machinery, and medical patients with tools and equipment for consumers. With our capabilities to design, prototype, and manufacture at every scale, the sky is the limit!”

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