Farmers Market Spotlight: Humble Roots Horticulture

TG Branfalt 8 Dec 2017

Humble Roots Horticulture is set to bring launch its first of four products at Sunday’s CBD & Hemp Holiday Farmers Market – a CBD salve – along with a “shatter-like” dabable concentrate, vape pen, and whole plant hemp oil to follow. The products come after months of research and development and growing local partnerships.

The salve, which will be available in 5-gram and 2-ounce containers, contains just three ingredients: self-sourced CBD from the farm’s hemp flowers, beeswax from a local aviary, and organic coconut oil. Humble Roots owner Fred LeBlanc said they decided to release the salve first because of its “broad appeal to everyone, even people that have little-to-no experience with CBD or cannabis,” and those who prefer not to consume via smoking or edibles. LeBlanc explained that the two sizes allow the salve to be “a nice entry-point” into both CBD and Humble Roots products “with little investment.”

Using salve as a delivery method for CBD allows the consumer to apply the cannabinoid-infused topical directly onto the body – and a host of studies have found CBD to be an effective treatment for inflammation; while some suggest using it as a treatment for acne or other skin conditions. LeBlanc indicated he uses it post-workout for muscle soreness (and he’s not the only one).

For the supercritical C02-extracted concentrate and vape cartridges, and hemp oil, Humble Roots partnered with Champlain Valley Dispensary and Ceres Natural Remedies on the extraction. The concentrate and cartridges will be available in the farm’s Cherry Wine and Cobbler strains; however, only the concentrate will feature “extra terpenes” from Humble Roots’ hemp flowers. The cartridge technology uses a wickless, ceramic heating element – akin to a ceramic dab nail.

LeBlanc described the edible, ethanol-extracted, whole plant hemp oil as “tincture-like” but “thicker and more potent.”

“We have something for the more ‘adult-use’ market – the shatter, the cartridges for people that prefer to inhale – we have the whole plant hemp oil for people that prefer to ingest CBD as an edible form, and we also have the salve for a topical,” LeBlanc explained, adding that each of the products went through “months of R&D.”

It’s the latest – but not the first step for the budding craft hemp company who was one of the sponsors of the inaugural Hemp Fest last September; following which LeBlanc said several retailers reached out to the startup seeking to carry Humble Roots products on their shelves. At that time, LeBlanc said, the company was still entrenched in research and development – not to mention cultivation – but the exposure helped push them to ensure the quality of their maiden lineup.

The 22-year-old entrepreneur said he was “excited” to finally bring products to consumers and participate in the holiday edition of the farmers market – and he’s already looking to add to the company’s line-up with new strains following next season’s harvest.

“It’s cool to have people reaching out to partner with us; wanting to carry our products,” he said. “It’s exciting to finally get something to market.”

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