Breaking Down The “VapeDad” Lifestyle, Northeast News Update, and Veterans’ Day Tribute

Image via Eli Harrington, Heady Vermont
Heady Vermont Staff 13 Nov 2017

In the latest installment of the Vermontijuana Podcast, presented by Heady Vermont, host Eli Harrington serves up a northeast news update — including a Vermont CBD and Hemp Farmers’ Market retrospective — and delivers a Veterans’ Day tribute and some specific thank you’s to the Veterans we know through cannabis advocacy.

In the feature interview, Vermontijuana Podcast cohost, Uncle Drew, breaks down the “Vape Dad” lifestyle and how the ability to discreetly use a vaporizer to micro-dose cannabis has helped him manage the stress that comes with being a ‘normal’ guy with a house, wife, and young kid. There was also some incidental rat bashing and coming of age discussion sprinkled in there as well…


This episode of the Vermontijuana Podcast is sponsored by the CannaBiz Pitch Competition, taking place on Tuesday, November 14 at the Black Box Theater at 60 Lake Street in Burlington, Vermont. The reception will start at 6pm and feature Green Empire Brewing “Chill Session” Hemp-hopped beer before the ‘Shark Tank’ style pitch competition kicks off at 7pm and an aspiring ganjapreneur(s) goes home with a $1000 grant from Heady Vermont and the event sponsors, Merritt & Merritt, and Kind Consulting. More information at

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