Heady Culture Artist Profile: Sarah Letteney

Vermont Cannabis Culture Profile: Sarah Letteney
Artist Sarah Letteney poses for a portrait in her sunny South End Burlington studio.
Monica Donovan 18 Aug 2017

Heady Vermont: What is your personal background—age, where you were born, any academic background, other interesting details that make you, YOU!

I’m a New Englander, born and bred! Although I have never studied art formally, I do have a degree in psychology, which one could argue is pretty relatable to the work I’m doing in the studio now.

Sarah Letteney Heady Vermont Culture Artist Profile Twinself

HVT: Your profile as an artist—from where do you draw inspiration, what media do you prefer, how would you describe your style?

I’m inspired by emotions, which I think most people can relate to. Our connections, our community, the way we choose to interact in our relationships. Sometimes that feels like lightness and positivity, sometimes that feels like explosions and confusion. Whatever I end up drawing to express those feelings, finds its way to the paper by way of pen and black ink (sometimes red ink, too, if there’s blood involved). 

HVT: How long have you been in Vermont and do you feel that your art has a connection to your setting in VT?

I have had an on-again-off-again relationship with Vermont for the past fifteen years (currently, on!), and during that time there has been some growing up together and some taking space to date other states (Hi, Oregon!), but all learning experiences, and all definitely influencing my illustration style in one form or another. 

HVT: Has cannabis played a role in your life? If so, in what ways? If you consume, do you feel it has an effect on your artwork?

I really appreciate the positive roles cannabis can play, but I don’t see it often in my artwork. 

Sarah Letteney Heady Vermont Culture Artist Profile Panther and Sneakers

HVT: What is your vision for the future of cannabis in Vermont? Do you have an opinion about the cannabis reform process and changes you’d like to see?

I think every person should have the space and freedom to decide for themselves how cannabis use works for them. After all, we know ourselves the best out of anyone! 

Sarah Letteney Heady Vermont Culture Artist Profile No Vacancy

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