Heady Vermont: Letter to Gov. Phil Scott

Heady Vermont Cannabis Op-Ed
Heady Vermont Staff 18 May 2017

Dear Governor Scott,

We write you today to urge you to sign the recently passed bill, S.22, a modest cannabis reform bill passed by the legislature after extensive vetting, testimony, discussion, and ultimately, public support.

Not only is this bill supported by a majority of Vermonters — even those who think it doesn’t go far enough with either regulation or criminal justice reform — but it’s been widely praised by diverse Vermont media sources as an effective compromise and gained national recognition for Vermont as a place where politicians listen to their constituents.

Acknowledging that you have stated public safety concerns, the only way that citizens, lawmakers, enforcement, and other stakeholders can address these questions is by starting with step one and creating the framework that will give us Vermont solutions to Vermont challenges.

The people and the legislature have spoken and we respectfully —but strongly — encourage you to either sign the bill into law, or to signal that you will not veto so that we can transition from politics to progress.


Monica Donovan, Co-Founder & Publisher
Eli Harrington, Co-Founder & Editor
Heady Vermont

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