Heady Culture Artist Profile: Kirsten Hurley

Heady Vermont artist profile: Kirsten Hurley
Monica Donovan 15 Apr 2017

This week’s Artist Profile features local artist Kirsten Hurley who created Heady Vermont’s custom banners and logo for our Vermont Cannabis Celebration in the month of April. Interested in being featured in our Culture section? Shoot us an email: [email protected].

HEADY VERMONT: Tell us a little bit about your personal background.

Strawberry Jam: Now with Loss of Hope
Artwork by Kirsten Hurley

I was born on a beautiful summer day over twenty nine years ago. It was a hospital birth, without any complications beyond the usual pain and suffering. It happened in a hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. I don’t remember being a baby, but I’m told that I was very well behaved, good natured, and funny.

Shortly after my arrival to earth, I was swept into a beautiful little town in the beautiful little state of Vermont. This is where I experienced thirteen years of public education alongside very well adjusted peers. The town was full of kind, middle class people, whose hobbies included hiking, gardening, and reading.

I continued my education at the University of Vermont, where I received my first and only bachelor’s degree. My real education, of course, has been through working and making art. That’s where I met myself, and I haven’t left me alone since.

My real education, of course, has been through working and making art. That’s where I met myself, and I haven’t left me alone since.

HVT: Tell us a little bit about your profile as an artist—from where do you draw inspiration, what media do you prefer, how would you describe your style?

The things that inspire me include: Red Lobster Advertisements, A place where I can make a mess, Cy Twombly, and anyone that works hard for something they want.

Vermont Cannabis Artist Profile: Kirsten Hurley
Artwork by Kirsten Hurley

I like all media, but especially the G-2 pen. It is an instrument of beauty and refinement.

My style is about expressing things that bother me in a fun and lighthearted manner.

HVT: How long have you been in Vermont and do you feel that your art has a connection to your setting in Vermont?

I’ve been in Vermont for a long time. Vermont has influenced my work the most by just influencing who I am and granting me access to certain privileges.

HVT: Has cannabis played a role in your life? If so, in what ways? If you consume, do you feel it has an effect on your artwork?

Many people I know have long and tangled relationships with cannabis. Sometimes helpful, sometimes hurtful. You could say the same thing about bread or chocolate.

HVT: What is your vision for the future of cannabis in Vermont? Do you have an opinion about the cannabis reform process and changes you’d like to see?

I don’t think that we should be filling our prisons with people that smoke it or grow it or sell it.

See more of Kirsten’s work: Kirsten Hurley website

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