Millennials, Migrant Labor, and Marijuana: An Interview With Eli Atticus Jager ( Part I of II)

A tour through the outdoor grow. Caption + Image via Eli Atticus Jager
Heady Vermont Staff 11 Dec 2016
A tour through the outdoor grow, in an undisclosed location somewhere in northern California. Image courtesy of Eli Atticus Jager

BURLINGTON, Vt. — There are no shortage of interesting conversations in the cannabis community, but the interview with Eli Atticus Jager is one of the most interesting. The Chittenden County native presently lives in the Seattle area and is an artisan, a writer, a creator, a deep thinker, an occasional DIY van-builder/dweller, and a heady individual in all positive senses of the word. Check out his website and design house, Welcome.Hone online here.

Proud to welcome Eli Atticus Jager (and his van) on board as a contributor, stay tuned for his writing in the near future…

Via an introduction from the always-inspiring folks at the Karma Bird House, Eli will be joining Heady Vermont as a contributor where he’ll be sharing some of his impressions and experiences as a first-time ‘trim-migrant’ who recently spent a few weeks at an undisclosed location in northern California at an unlicensed cannabis farm.

The word ‘Trim-migrant” is a more more familiar phrase on the West Coast, where everyone knows someone who’s gone to work as a seasonal laborer trimming the massive harvest of outdoor and greenhouse-grown ganja, typically in the fall. While there is a sea of green, the appeal for many migrant workers is more about the cash than the grass…tune into part one of the interview, via the Vermontijuana Podcast.

My trimming setup. Headphones, snacks, scissors in a jar of alcohol. A bag of trimmed and a bag of untrimmed, with a bin for finished nugs. Caption + Image via Eli Atticus Jager
One of around five or six greenhouses. Caption + Image via Eli Atticus Jager
One of the local dogs chewing on a bone in a pile of pot leaves. Caption + Image via Eli Atticus Jager
The ceiling of the room where we trimmed, we constantly cycled new weed to be dryed. I actually slept in a loft in that room totally surrounded by drying weed. Caption + Image via Eli Atticus Jager

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