Vermontijuana Podcast Episode 3: Longtime Vermont Patients Discuss Medical Marijuana Program Reform

Vermontijuana Podcast Episode
Eli Harrington 5 Aug 2016

Episode 3 – In Episode Three, Host Eli Harrington speaks with two longtime Vermont medical marijuana patients, one of whom is trained nurse (and soon-to-be Ph.D. in Ethnobotany) “Maryanne”, who treated her cancer with cannabis concentrates. The other, Fran Janik, is an outspoken member of Vermont Home Grow and a longtime patient and cannabis breeder who has been involved with the Vermont medical marijuana program since the beginning.

Marianne and Janik discuss the challenges in supply and demand facing Vermont medical patients, many of whom are unable to purchase medical-grade cannabis oils at dispensaries due to cost and availability. Join as we discuss the current medical marijuana program, and their suggestions for how some Vermont patients could benefit from legal reforms in the state’s medical program. #ELEVATETHESTATE

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