Legalization Sent to House a Second Time After S.241 Stalls in Committee

Vermont Statehouse Cannabis Regulation and Legalization bill
Monica Donovan 29 Apr 2016

MONTPELIER — After languishing in the House Appropriations Committee since mid-April, the battered remains of S.241 saw some hope of revival yesterday when Sen. Dick Sears, D-Bennington, attached the bill to H.858 in hopes of forcing a House vote on the matter.

Sen. Dick Sears attached S.241 in the form three amendments to the underlying H.858, a bill that deals with minor changes to criminal procedure. Since its arrival in the House following a victorious Senate vote, S.241 was stripped of all legalization and regulation components in the House Judiciary Committee (though they narrowly voted to “study the idea”). The following week, the House Ways and Means Committee voted to allow home grow and possession of marijuana, but not sales. It was not expected to make it out of the Appropriations Committee.

It is not uncommon for lawmakers to consolidate bills before the end of the session to get things moving. Several House members expressed skepticism that the bill would make it off the floor this session. Vermont Cannabis: Heady Vermont Watermark

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