Contact Your Legislator

The most effective way to let legislators know you support or disagree with a bill? First dial senators and representatives local to your town. Use our handy how-to guide and updated list of key representatives below, or dial the Sergeant-at-Arms at 802-828-2228 and leave a message for your local legislator.

Vermont Cannabis Reform Bills 
Key Representatives Contact Info 
Phone Banking How-to

Vermont Cannabis Reform Bills

H.170: A bill that removes criminal and civil penalties for possession. This bill was set for a floor vote, but instead was maneuvered into the House Committee on Human Services on March 28, where it has been languishing since.
More info about H.170

H.167: This bill proposes to amend the illegally possessed amount of cocaine, heroin, depressant, stimulant, and narcotic drugs that distinguishes between misdemeanor and felony crimes. An act relating to alternative approaches to addressing low level illicit drug use. H.167 was passed by the House on March 22. On April 21, the Senate voted 21-9 to amend a proposal to H.167 that would legalize marijuana and create a system to regulate and tax marijuana sales. It now goes back to the House for a vote.
More info about H.167

H.490: This bill proposes to establish an adult use commercial marijuana regulatory system. It has been sitting in House Committee since March 24 and is unlikely to see action this legislative session.

S.16: A bill that reforms the medical marijuana system, expanding the number of dispensaries from four to eight, allowing dispensaries to advertise and waiving the three-month patient-healthcare professional relationship. This bill passed the senate on February 17, and has been sitting in the House Committee on Human Services since then as its members hear testimony from various parties.
More info about S.16

Key Representatives

The following is an updated list of representatives who need to hear from their constituents as we approach potential floor votes for cannabis reform legislation. As always, direct constituents have the most impact, so if you are from any of the following towns please take action today! Please be civil, be concise, and read up on the legislation before you call or email.

“On the Fence” Reps:
Jim Condon – Colchester, (802) 655-5764,
Curt Taylor – Colchester, (802) 324-7188,
Jessica Brumstead – Shelburne, (802) 985-9588,
Marcia Gardner – Richmond, (802) 434-2854,
Dan Connor – Fairfield, (802) 827-4436,
Daniel Noyes – Wolcott, (802) 730-7171,
Brian Keefe – Manchester Center, (802) 362-7283,

House Speaker Mitzi Johnson – Grand Isle/Chittenden, (802) 363-4448,
Call the speaker’s office: (802) 828-2247

Human Services Committee (where S.16 and H.170 currently sit):
Rep. Ann Pugh: / S. Burlington
Rep. Sandy Haas: / Rochester
Rep. Francis McFaun: / Barre
Rep. Michael Mrowicki: / Putney
Rep. Brian Keefe: / Manchester
Rep. Marianna Gamache: / Swanton
Rep. Daniel Noyes: / Wolcott
Rep. Carl Rosenquist: / St. Albans
Rep. Joseph “Chip” Troiano: / E. Hardwick

You can also call Governor Phil Scott at 802-828-3333 and urge him to support cannabis reform.

Check out the Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana‘s action page, where you can send a quick email about Vermont cannabis reform to your representatives.

Phone Banking How-To

  1.  Look up your local reps by going to the Vermont General Assembly site and typing in your town. Dial in, then-
  2. Even if you reach a staff member or a voicemail, leave a message with your intended statement. 
  3. Identify yourself as a constituent and which town you are in.
  4. State your position on the bills up for consideration. Example scripts below.

“Hi, my name is Mary Jane and I’m a constituent from (TOWN). I’m calling today to urge you to support H.167/H.170. I believe that it’s time for a taxed and regulated cannabis industry, and that H.167/H.170 is a great start in the right direction. Thanks very much for your time.”

S.16: “Hi, my name is Mary Jane and I’m a constituent from (TOWN). I’m calling today to urge you to support S.16. I support increasing the number of dispensaries from four to eight, and believe there should be open competition for those spots, and I agree that dispensaries should be for-profit and allowed to advertise. S.16 is a great start in the right direction of reforming our medical marijuana system. Thanks very much for your time.”